Shopping in Majunga

My name’s Olive and I live in Ambalavola, Majunga (401) .My nationality is Malagasy. My nick name’s Fandrama. I speak Malagasy and a little English. I’m student at Ecole Superieur de Journalisme Saint Francois D’assise. I’m in level two.

(Me and my friend Iarcyl)

For my birthday, I want to buy a pink skirt, sandals, hair holder and earrings. I like the colour pink and the beauty lotion “G § G Teint Uniforme” because, it is clears and ensures a spotless skin. I like to go shopping. If I haven’t got the money I just look and after I choose the beautiful skirt or shirt. I like to just ask the price for the clothes.

I want to buy in the shop at Mahabibo market. I buy a pink skirt, but the pink skirt is too small. The man in the shop says he hasn’t got a bigger size. I’m very sad, because I like the colour pink. Sometimes, I haven’t class in the morning and I go shopping. I have got ten hair holders because I like them. I also like accessories and fashions. This is my preoccupation in my life.

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the garden


At the back of the Rinas’ garden there is a tree with a very thick trunk. It deep roots carry food to its branches and to its leaves. Some of its leaves are lying on the grass. Several leaves are falling. The boy is sweeping up the dead leaves which are under the tree. He is going to burn them. Mr Rina is cutting the grass with a lawn mower. The grass grows very fast, and he cuts it every week. The girl is picking, whose mother is ill. She is watering the flower-beds with a watering-can. The flowers must have a little water every day. Mrs Rina who likes fresh vegetables is in the kitchen garden. She is getting the carrots; the family will eat for dinner.


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In the morning, at half past five, an alarm clock is ringing in Doudou’s room; Doudou is still asleep. His sister, Razzy is saying to him: “wake up Doudou ! Stop snoring! You know that we are going to Ambato boeni – Madirovalo for our holidays this morning “. The family is having a quick breakfast in the kitchen. There is luggage every where, even on chairs. “I don’t like getting up so early “Doudou says. His father is putting the suitcases into the back of the car; Razzy has a frying pan in one hand, and a kettle in other. Doudou is holding two tennis rackets and fishing net. He likes playing tennis and fishing. The family is driving away; the dog is looking out of the car. Doudou and Razzy are waving to their friends “Goodbye, “they are saying, “We’ll see you again after our holiday


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Yesterday it was Hanitra birthday. She was eleven, early in the morning her parents knocked at bedroom door. They called out:  » many happy returns of the day, Hanitra »

Hanitra opened the door, her father and mother kissed her and handed her a present. She opened the parcel quickly; it was a new blouse. « Oh mummy, thank you!  » she exclamed.  » It’s exactly what I wanted »

Then the postman knocded at the front door, Hanitra rushed downstairs and opened the door. The postman smild at her saying:  » I’ve a lot of cards and parcels for you, Miss Hanitra » Then brother appeared in his pyjamas, holding a box of chocolates. He kissed his sister, saying:  » happy birthday, Hanitra « .In the afternoom Hanitra had a party. Several of her friends were ther. In the middle of the table there was a big birthday cake. It had eleven candles on it.  » Blow out the candles, Hanitra  » her friends exlaimed; and they all clapped their hands .


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Manana ny CDE ( Commission des Droits de l’Enfant ) I Mahajanga izay ivondronan’ny fikambanana maromaro miaro ny zon’ny ankizy izany. Miara-miasa ihany koa amin’ny polisy sy ny fitsarana ity rafitra ity. Ny ankizivavy no tsapa fa mizaka ny mafy

Amin’ireo tranga 331 nosahanin’ny CDE eto Mahajanga dia tsapa fa ny ankizivavy no tena iharan’ny herisetra na fanohanana matetika. Ankizivavy 224 na 70% no voakasik’izany. 9 ka hatramin’ny 13 taona ny salan-taonan’ny ireo tra-pahavoazana. Ka ny 50% aminiz’ireo dia niharan’ny herisetra ny filan’ny nofo.Raha ny eto amin’ny faritan’I Mahajanga no jerena dia mandiso ny tombamaso matetika satria maro ireo vehivavy efa renim-pianakaviana alohan’ny faha 15 taonany. Maroroka noho ny toe-tany sy ny toetr’andro ny ankizy eto amin’ny faritany, ka lasa aloha eo amin’ny fananahana sy ny firosohana amin’ny fanambadihana.Matetika anefa araka ny tranga maro fahita amin’ireo antontan-taratasy ao amin’ny CDE , tsy mateza ny tokan-tranon’izy ireny, hany ka ireo zanany no ratsy karakara.Amin’ny maha-vondrom-pikambanana tsotra ny CDE dia miara-miasa akaiky amin’ny “police des moeurs” sy ny “juge des enfants” ary ny mpanao gazety eto Mahajanjga ny CDE .Mahomby ny fiaraha-miasa ary manamaivana ihany koa ny andraikitry ny fanjakana.


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Lanto and her family have decided to go for a picnic at Zahamotel – Mahajanga. They are putting a basket of food in the back of food in the back of the car. They have found a nice place in the country. They have stopped the car under some trees, near a lake. Her mother has opened the basket. She is putting a cloth on the grass. Lanto has brought the picnic case. She is putting the plates, and the knives and forks on the cloth. Her brother has taken a cold chicken out of the basket. He is putting it on a dish. Her father Mr Rivo has opened a bottle of cider, he is pouring some cider into paper cups. Her mother has put some chicken on all the plates. Her mother and father are sitting on a tree trunk. And the Lanto and brother are sitting on the grass. They are all enjoying their lunk. Her family have finished their meal , her father is smocking his pipe. And her mother is reading a magazine. Lanto have gone for a walk round the lake.


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Hello everybody


The river is flowing down from its source high up, in the mountains. It is making its way down the hillside, through the woods and into the valley. Now it is flowing through the country side, through fields and pretty villages. Men are fishing and cows are drinking in its quiet waters.

The river has reached the suburbs of a large town. Gardens go down to the edge of the river, and boats are tied up along the bank. Some people are swimming and others have taken their out and are rowing down the river.

The river is getting wider and wider. It is flowing through a large town, past churches and high building. On the bank is a restarant in the middle of a beautiful park. People will go there for dinner as soon as they leve their offices. A pleasure boat is taking children for a short trip up the river. Towns have become more and more frequent.

The river is getting nearer and nearer to the sea. Boats are bringing coal and grain from foreign countries to the port near the mouth of the river. When the river reaches the estuary, it will be lost in the sea.

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